Kamisha Oni Consulting Now Accepting New Clients

Ms. Kamisha Washington, Founder and Owner of Kamisha Oni Consulting, is proud to announce today that her company is now accepting new clients. This recent announcement comes as part of the company’s planned expansion ahead of 2019 due to the heightened demand for Ms. Washington’s personalized professional coaching services. Ms. Washington has received repeated requests for new appointments, and as such she has decided to funnel more of her time into empowering those who place their trust in her expertise in business and coaching skills.

“A new year calls for new beginnings, both on a personal and a professional level,” said Ms. Washington. “I am excited to meet new professionals eager to move ahead in their life and in their careers, and be with them every step of the way as they navigate their challenges and triumphs on the road to personal fulfillment and success.”

Grounded by her faith in God, Ms. Washington is continuing on her quest to mentor and build solid and authentic relationships with her clients, guiding them to “discover their masterpiece within”. As a Certified Professional Coach and seasoned IT Leader with over 20 years industry experience in Fortune 500 companies developing and managing high performing teams and multi million dollar budgets specializing in Strategic Planning, Application Development and Support, Business Engagement, Coaching and Mentoring and Program Management. Ms. Washington has been instrumental in assisting hundreds of professionals – from those just starting on their careers and all the way to C-level executives – reach their goals and flourish in their chosen fields. 

Ms. Washington has applied her knowledge and hands-on experience to develop her two signature coaching programs, Leadership Legacy™ and Career Catalyst™, which have proven to be exceptionally efficient in delivering tangible results in participants’ holistic, multi-faceted personal development. As part of the Leadership Legacy™ program, Ms. Washington helps clients “accelerate their trajectory into Exceptional Leadership” through “acquiring innovative and creative strategies to create a legacy of excellence”, becoming the benchmark for current and future leaders alike, while, as part of Career Catalyst™, the celebrated coach ushers clients in “identifying and articulating their “why” and “where”, all while crafting a tailored development blueprint which will “propel them from their “now” to their “next”.

Those interested in booking a coaching session with Ms. Washington can do so through here. All potential clients are advised to reserve their spot fast to avoid potential wait listing due to the heightened demand for Ms. Washington’s one-on-one coaching sessions.

To learn more about Kamisha Oni Consulting, please visit www.kamishaoni.com.

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